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Old and new Android smartphones are getting hot ?, keep cool using these 10 tricks

After buying a new phone, we think that there will be no problem. The memory of the phone is below. The phone will not hang. Smooth will work if the operating system is new. Also, since the camera is new, good photography can be done. But, months later, some people start complaining about the phone. Many complain that the phone is getting hot. Whether it is a new phone or an old one, many people have the problem of overheating. Sometimes this problem can be dangerous. The more you hear this problem, the more often you have to go to the service center to fix the phone. But, today we are going to tell you 10 tricks.

The reason the phone overheats
If your phone is getting hot, first find out which feature the phone is getting hot after using. Many phones get hot while charging. So some phones get hot while using internet. Some phones complain of overheating during calling, while some phones have problems using the camera.

The phone heats up during charging

This is very dangerous if your Android phone gets hot during charging. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Try charging the phone with another charger first. In addition, you can also change the power socket. Connect the pin properly during charging. If not, understand that there is a problem with the battery or software. Many problems occur if the battery is old. So first calibrate the battery then update it if the software is updated. Learn the method of battery calibration. If that doesn’t work, understand that it’s time to replace the battery. The phone can then turn on properly.


Take a look at battery health

Each battery has a life. Which we call the battery cycle. You never know when the battery cycle will end if the phone gets hot. If your phone’s battery cycle is exhausted, the phone will overheat. If your phone runs out of battery early, the phone gets hot. So suppose it’s time to replace the battery. You can download Battery Health from Play Store or any other app to know the battery cycle.


The phone gets hot when using any feature

Often this problem occurs when the Android phone gets a little old. The phone gets hot after using anything. So you often look at software updates. Many problems disappear after always updating the software. Companies are sending updates to fix this type of problem. If the phone does not recover after the software update, try a hard reset once.


The phone gets too hot while playing games

There are many complaints that it is always getting hot while playing Android phone games. If it’s a little hot, fine. But, if it gets too hot, understand that it is overloaded. Because, the phone has many features running at the same time. To do this, close the application that is running in the background. To do this, first go to the phone’s settings. Select apps in that space. You will see some of the above tabs. Which will have an option of running app. Close apps that you don’t use.


If the phone gets hot for no reason

Often the phone gets hot even when it is in hand or pocket. This is because the phone is overloaded. The new phone has the option of apps limit in the background. You can use it. In addition, you can also use the above procedures. If the phone does not work, you can optimize the battery. For this you will get the battery option by going to settings. You can see this place. Which application is using more battery. You can close an application that uses a lot of battery. Google Maps and Google Apps use the most battery. So it should be closed first.


The phone gets hot during video play

The phone gets hot while browsing

Often the phone gets hot while browsing the internet. If this is the case with your phone, activate the compressed data by going to your browser settings. You can also update the browser.

The phone gets hot during video play

The phone gets too hot while playing video. No need to panic if your phone gets a little hot between video stream and video play. But, check the phone if it gets hot while streaming low range video.


The phone gets hot during calling

This could be a band or antenna problem if your phone gets hot during calling. You can update the phone for this. If you are covering the phone, especially the metal, delete it on time. Factory data reset the phone once the phone speaker gets hot. You can get a factory data reset by going to the phone’s settings and backing up and resetting. If you are not satisfied with all this, you can take the phone to the service center.


The new phone is getting hot

The phone gets hot while playing music or messaging

Older Android phones often have problems with overheating due to high internal memory. So delete the unnecessary file from the internet memory. Saline the memory. If it still doesn’t work, reset the phone’s factory data once.

The new phone is getting hot

If your phone is new. Is under warranty. However, if the phone has a problem with overheating, take the phone to a service center immediately. Replace the phone if possible. This could be a hardware issue. You may still have this problem.

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