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Ola Uber Fare: Distance, Time or City… On what basis Ola-Uber taxi fare is decided?

Now we do not go to the road or stand to catch the car, but the car comes to our door. Due to the mobile app based cab service , such work has become easy. Companies like Ola and Uber do the same thing. Vehicles running in the name of Radio Taxi also fall in this category. To book this taxi, you have to go to the mobile app. You have to choose the place on the app where you want to go. You also have to choose from which place to walk. The app then tells you the fare accordingly. Book the car if the fare suits you, otherwise leave. It is up to you whether to go by Ola Fare , Uber or by Auto E Rickshaw.

One thing must be revolving in your mind that how do taxi drivers decide the fare. How does the mobile app tell the fare in just a few seconds when the journey has not even started yet. So know that there is a fixed rule of fare which is already fixed. Be it Ola or Uber, the fare of these taxis depends on the distance and travel time. Along with this, tax and surcharge are also added. That’s why you sometimes charge more for short distances and sometimes even after traveling longer distances, the journey seems economical.

The fare of Ola, Uber varies from city to city. You can visit Ola Fare Finder to know the fare of Ola. Here you have to write start location and end location. That is, from where to where to travel, both these things have to be recorded. By clicking on ‘Get Estimate’, you will get the fare information. Along with this, Ola or Uber decide the fare based on many other factors. For example, whether the vehicle is mini, micro or sedan, apart from distance, time, tax, surcharge, waiting charge is also included in the fare.

If you want, you can know the fare of Ola and Uber according to your city. For this , by clicking on this link , you can know the fare of your city.

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How is rent determined?

Many factors are considered to decide the fare. Minimum fare, km per fare, waiting or ride time charges, night charges, applicable night timing, night bill calculation and fare amount calculation. The fare is decided on the basis of all these factors. For example, let’s see the fare of Ola for Noida and Delhi. When you take an Ola taxi in Noida, the meter drops by Rs 25 as soon as the journey starts. After that, as your vehicle moves, the fare increases by Rs 5 per kilometer. Somewhere the car is waiting like on traffic or when filling petrol etc., then you have to pay its money too. Re 1 per km is levied as waiting or ride time charges. This gets added to your fare.

In the form of night charges, you are charged one and a half times more than the normal rate fare. Night timing is from 10.30 am to 5 am in the night. The calculation of night bill is automatic. 10 rupees are included separately in this.

Now suppose you have to travel in Delhi in Ola. Its rule is slightly different from Noida. The minimum fare of Ola in Delhi is Rs 25 so that the meter goes down. The charge of Rs 25 is only for 2 km after which it keeps on increasing. After this, the fare is added at the rate of Rs 8 per km. As waiting or ride charges, you have to pay Rs 30.32 separately for one hour. Although the first 15 minutes are free in this. After this the waiting charge is charged. One and a half times more than the normal fare is charged as night charge. Night timing in Delhi is from 11 pm to 6 am. The calculation of night bill is done automatically through the meter. You can click on this link to know the fare .


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