Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Ola Solo: India’s first autonomous scooter, will get great AI features

Autonomous Electric Scooter: Ola has introduced an electric scooter capable of autonomous operation. It autonomously balances itself and accelerates without manual intervention. AI technology is integrated into the scooter, enabling smart, safe, and comfortable driving experiences.

Previously, Ola’s electric scooters featuring cruise control garnered attention, and now the company has unveiled a standalone electric scooter equipped with AI technology. The LMA09000 chip powers this EV, enabling autonomous movement. The scooter boasts a voice interface and supports communication in 22 different languages. Additionally, the Solo e-scooter features face recognition technology to activate the helmet. Its human mode facilitates navigation through traffic. Currently, its price remains undisclosed; watch the video for further details.


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