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Ola preparing for layoffs in engineering and EV manufacturing

Ola, which provides cab services through the app, has decided to cut around 200 engineering jobs. Ola, which is invested by Japan’s SoftBank Group, says it is looking to become an integrated mobility company. Ola is gearing up to strengthen its position in two-wheelers, four-wheelers and manufacturing.

According to a Reuters report, Ola has overtaken Uber to gain a major share in the country’s cab ride market. The company started manufacturing e-scooters last year and also plans to make electric cars by 2024. Ola had deferred its stock market listing plans in the first half of this year. The reason for this was volatility in the market and weak listing of other startups. Last month, Ola Electric had planned to launch its first electric car in the country in 2024. The range of this car is being claimed to be more than 500 km in a single charge. It will be able to catch the speed of 0-100 kmph in 4 seconds. The company launched the Ola S1 and S1 Pro electric scooters last year. EV Started in the segment.

Ola Electric CEO Bhavish Aggarwal recently shared a video on Twitter on World EV Day, in which a glimpse of the company’s upcoming electric car is shown. The designing of the car is shown in the video, in which the exterior structure of the car is being made through computer and clay modeling. Ola S1 has been introduced. This is the company’s second electric scooter. This scooter was first announced by the company last year and it is a more affordable version of the Ola S1 Pro. The battery capacity of Ola S1 is 3KWh and its top speed is 95kmph. According to the company, the ARAI range of this scooter is 141km km and 101km normal range.

Equipped with software features like music, navigation, compatible apps, reverse mode, this electric scooter will support the MoovOS 3 update. Ola S1 Scooter It has a 3KWh Lithium Ion battery. Talking about the speed, this scooter can provide a top speed of 95kmph. Cruise mode and reverse mode are available in this scooter. The Ola S1 is the company’s second electric two-wheeler to be introduced in the Indian market, while the first one arrived last year. Talking about the range, this scooter can provide an ARAI certified range of 141 km, while the True Range is 101km on Normal mode, 128km on Eco mode and 90km on Sports mode.

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