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Ola Krutrim AI: Ola brings new Krutrim AI, know what it is and how it can help you

Ola Krutrim AI: According to Ola, artificial AI is a personal assistant designed to simplify various aspects of both your personal and professional life. Let’s delve into the details of artificial AI.

Some time ago, the Indian ridesharing company Ola introduced artificial AI (Krutrim AI), touted as “India’s own AI”. During its launch, it was revealed that this is the initial version, with plans for further enhancements. Ola defines artificial AI as a personal assistant capable of performing a multitude of tasks to streamline your daily routines while also being culturally sensitive to Indian customs and sentiments. Ola’s objective is to develop AI tailored specifically to meet the requirements of Indian users. The company asserts that artificial AI has been developed using their proprietary technology.

The company announced that this AI assistant marks the first step towards creating India’s own AI-based products. However, some users encountered an issue where the chatbot identified itself as a language model created by OpenAI. Ola later clarified that this was due to a “data leak” problem.

Artificial assistants can assist you in various creative tasks and information retrieval. With its help, you can compose emails, gather information on topics of interest, acquire new skills, plan trips, and discover new recipes.

What can Krutrim AI do?

Ola aims to bridge the gap between general AI and the specific needs of Indian languages and culture with the assistance of AI. Artificial AI is touted to be distinct from foreign AI assistants. It is claimed to operate in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, Kannada, Bengali, and Gujarati languages. Technologically, artificial AI operates on a model trained on an extensive dataset comprising text and code information, including specific Indian-related data such as languages, social environment, and cultural context. By leveraging this dataset, the AI model can consider nuanced aspects and provide responses that resonate with users.

The company asserts that the distinguishing feature of artificial AI is its ability to comprehend user intent beyond just words and possibilities. It endeavors to understand the underlying meaning of user queries, enabling it to furnish accurate responses tailored to user needs.

Which technology does Krutrim AI employ?

Artificial AI is a subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI) known as Natural Language Processing (NLP), which facilitates understanding of human language nuances, colloquialisms, and culturally dependent expressions. Additionally, through Machine Learning (ML), it can refine its responses over time by learning from extensive data. Deep Learning, a component of ML, aids in pattern recognition and complex data analysis, thereby enhancing the capabilities of artificial AI. However, the specific technologies employed by the company have not been disclosed yet.

How can artificial AI assist?

Ola claims that artificial AI can be beneficial across various domains. For instance, chatbots powered by artificial AI can communicate in Indian languages and address user queries. In the education sector, it can cater to diverse learning needs, simplifying the study process for all. Content creators can benefit from AI-generated suggestions and content adaptation for different audiences. Moreover, it can automate numerous daily office tasks.


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