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Ola Electric will launch electric bikes with a range of up to 174 km in a single charge, the price will be from Rs 85 thousand only

Electric Vehicles (EVs) have now become the need of the hour. Due to the skyrocketing prices of petrol and the efforts of countries around the world to reduce global warming, now all the companies of the world are slowly getting down in the production of electric vehicles. Ola has also become a well known name in this. After getting success in Ola Electric Scooters, now Ola is preparing to launch a lineup of Electric Bikes. The company has indicated this and along with running on electric power, the company is also promising performance in these bikes. Let’s tell what is the complete update.

Ola S1 The electric scooter was launched by the company in India last year and has been quite successful as well. Now the company is preparing for its launch in India. electric bikes It is time to take off the range. 91 mobiles Report If you believe, the company can launch its first bike with the name Ola Out of the World. It is said to have a range of up to 174 km with a single charge. A top speed of 110 kmph can be seen in the electric bike. Most importantly, the company will offer it at an affordable price, which can cost around Rs 1.5 lakh. The company can announce them on the coming 9th February.

Along with this, Ola Performax can be introduced in the mid-range, in which the company can launch three variants. The base variant can see a top speed of 93 kmph with a range of 91km in a single charge. At the same time, its second variant can come with a top speed of 95 kilometers per hour in a range of 133 kilometers. Its cost will also be less and it can be offered at a price of up to Rs 1.15 lakh. Its premium model can come with a range of 174 kilometers with a top speed of 95 kilometers per hour. The price of which is said to be close to 1.25 lakhs.

The biggest surprise company is going to give with Ola Ranger. It is going to be introduced as the most affordable bike of the company, the price of which will start from Rs.85,000 only. The base model can get a range of 80 km with a top speed of 91 kmph. Its middle variant can come in 117 km single charge range with 91 kmph top speed. The premium variant of the model could come with 153 km range along with 91 kmph top speed.

Ola Electric Has not yet clarified that what will be the launch timeline of the bikes. But on coming February 9, the company is going to do a big event. It is possible that the company may also disclose their launch date. Here the design of Ola’s electric car is also being discussed. Ola Electric Car The first model can be offered in the range below Rs 10 lakh.


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