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Ola Electric Car is coming, Tata Nexon EV will get competition!

The company’s CEO Bhavish Aggarwal has made a latest tweet regarding Ola Electric Car, which confirms that after launching the electric scooter, now the company has decided to enter the electric car segment. It’s over Although no information has been made available about the exact launch date of the Ola electric car or the specifications found in it, but the concept design has been shared through a tweet.

Ola CEO Aggarwal has shared a picture through a tweet on his Twitter handle. It shows a modern car, which at the moment appears to be a concept. However, this makes it clear that Ola is now all set to enter the electric car segment. No information has been given about the car in the tweet. Agarwal wrote in this tweet (translated) “Can you keep a secret?”Aggarwal has already hinted about the company’s planning on electric cars. He recently indicated that Ola is working on launching its electric car by 2023 and the project will be supported by Japan’s Softbank Group.

from HT Auto while talking An Ola Electric official said that the company is seriously working on an electric car and the latest picture shared by Bhavish Agarwal is the concept design. He said “The existing FutureFactory is for two-wheeler vehicles. Our four wheelers will need a separate future factory. Today’s tweet is a teaser along the lines of some of the designs currently being produced.”

It has been claimed in this report that Ola can make its electric car at its factory in Tamil Nadu. This factory is currently claimed to be the world’s largest plant for electric scooters.

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