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Ola Electric can give car like feature in its scooter, new video surfaced


Ola Electric has currently become the largest selling electric scooter manufacturer in the country and a major reason for this is that the company is way ahead of other competitors in terms of features and technology.

Currently, the Ola S1 Pro is a very modern scooter, but the company is constantly updating it. Recently Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal has shared a new video on social media in which Ola’s new technology can be seen.

From the new video, it appears that Ola is testing ADAS on the electric scooter. ADAS i.e. Advanced Driver Assistance System is a set of safety features, with the help of which the driver and passengers are protected.

In the new video, it can be seen that the front-facing camera and make shift screen have been installed on the S1 Pro. In this, the path of the scooter can be seen in the blue box, while it can also be seen that the camera is detecting other vehicles on the road.

Looks like Ola is testing this system in the real world. Agarwal has said that he will give more details through technology demo. Ola Electric is continuously working on it and can be brought in due course.

With the arrival of ADAS, features like Adaptive Cruise Control, Collision Avoidance, Pedestrian Detection can be found. At the same time, keeping in mind the safety of the customers, Ola is going to upgrade the front suspension of S1 electric scooter for free.

The free upgrade of Ola Electric S1 Pro is going to start from 22nd March. Ola Electric has always put the customer first and takes into account the feedback from its community of over 2 lakh customers.

Be it the front fork or any other equipment, the company tests all the components of its S1 electric scooter under stringent conditions. These equipments are designed to withstand loads more than what is expected on Indian roads.

This new front differential will be more durable and stronger than before. And keeping in mind the feedback from the community, it has been designed to last longer on Indian roads than before.

No charge will be taken from the customers for this upgrade. Customers can book an appointment from March 22 and thereafter visit the nearest Ola Experience Center or service center to get the upgrade done.


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