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Okinawa Okhi 90 electric scooter with a range of 200km to be launched in India on March 24

Okinawa Okhi 90 electric scooter is going to be launched in India on 24th March. For those who do not know, let them know that the company has launched many electric scooters in India in the low-speed segment. However, the upcoming Okhi 90 electric scooter (Upcoming electric scooter in India 2022) is not a low-speed scooter. The company has revealed that the upcoming e-scooter will be capable of hitting a top speed of 90 km/h. Range information is also given. The Okhi 90 will be able to deliver a range of up to 200 km on a single charge.

Okinawa co-founder, Jeetender Sharma gave a gift to BGR Interview It has been revealed that the Okhi 90 e-scooter will have a full charge range of 200 kms. Apart from this, information has also been shared that the top speed of this scooter will be 90kmph. Sharma says that the upcoming electric scooter will be equipped with fast charging capability, and its battery pack will be charged from zero to 70 or 80 percent within an hour of launch. It will take about four hours. The scooter will also be equipped with artificial intelligence and connected vehicle features.

In the interview, Sharma has claimed that the product that is coming will include tremendous software technology. “These will have artificial intelligence features and connected vehicle features. Consumers are looking for a product that can be compared to ICE Engine in terms of range,” he added. He further adds that “Currently our product iPraise+ is offering a range of around 139 kms to 140 kms as per actual customers. The new Okhi 90 product will offer a genuine range of even more.”

On battery swapping, Sharma said, “The battery swapping policy will help the EV industry grow and so will Okinawa. Existing Okinawa products all have removable batteries. You can take out the battery and charge it anywhere, eg. It’s like charging a mobile. This is the concept of these products as well.”

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