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Okinawa Okhi 90 e-scooter launched with 160km range, know price

Electric vehicle segment is also becoming a favorite of customers in India. Here, new ‘names’ are making the market more spectacular by introducing their products as compared to the traditional brands. In this episode, Indian electric scooter manufacturer Okinawa has unveiled its latest electric scooter. Its name is ‘Okinawa Okhi 90 E-scooter’. It offers many great features to the users for a price of about Rs 1.22 lakh. So let’s quickly know the features of this e-scooter.

There was speculation in the market about ‘Okinawa Okhi 90 e-scooter’ for a long time. Many leaks related to this were also revealed, in which it was claimed that the range of this e-scooter will be 200 km. However, now that this e-scooter has been introduced, it is known that the Okhi 90 has a maximum range of 160 kms. Accordingly, it is also an impressive feature.

The ‘Okinawa Okhi 90 e-scooter’ is fitted with a 3.6 kWh removable battery. It powers an electric motor with a peak power of 5 bhp. This setup is very good and due to this the e-scooter can reach the top speed of 90 kmph in just 10 seconds. It offers a range of 160 kms on a single charge.

The charging speed of this e-scooter is very good. According to the company, Okhi 90 can be charged from zero to 80 percent in an hour. However, it takes about four hours for the battery to be fully full.

The Okhi 90 gets a compact front cushion and a pair of 16-inch tyres. Its front is curvy, in which features like LED DRL and turn signals, chrome trim, LED headlamp with chrome trim are available. Apart from this, aluminum levers, chrome rearview glass, a wide step-up seat, chrome trim for the side panels, LED taillight are also given.

The e-scooter gets an LED screen, but customers also get the option of a color digital instrument cluster. The instrument cluster displays essential riding parameters such as battery voltage information, speed, distance covered. The e-scooter also comes with features like keyless remote, regenerative braking system, boot light, USB port, automatic key-locking system, parking mode along with eco and sports riding modes.

Users can access many features of the scooter through the Okinawa Connect app. These include many features including geo-fencing, vehicle location and navigation, trip history, speeding alert, SOS alert, curfew alert, ride diagnostics.

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