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Official teaser of Nothing Ear (3) earbuds launched, on social media read features

The company has released the official teaser of Nothing Ear (3) on its social media handle. Nothing has launched the teaser of its upcoming earbuds Nothing Ear (3). This is the first official teaser regarding earbuds launched by the company which shows that the company is going to launch new earbuds soon. The upcoming earbuds will be the successors of Nothing Ear (2) . Ear (2) The company had given many advanced features in true wireless earbuds which included high resolution audio, LHDC 5.0 technology, custom sound tuning, 11.6mm custom drivers. The company had also given noise reduction up to 40dB in these. Obviously, the company is not going to go below this in terms of features in the new earbuds. Let us know what the teaser says.

Nothing Ear (3) Teaser Launched

The company has released the official teaser of Nothing Ear (3) on its social media handle. However, the teaser given on the X does not reveal the design or features of the earbuds. In the teaser the company has shown a video of a frog. Here’s a close-motion video in which the company finally teases Nothing (R). From here we get a hint that by showing the frog’s leap the company wants to tell that a big upgrade can be seen in the next generation earbuds.

Nothing Ear (1) was launched by the company in 2021. After that Ear Stick came in this series and then Ear (2) was launched in March 2023. The company has given transparent dual chamber in Nothing Ear 2. These have 11.6mm drivers. Three AI supported microphones are provided in each earpiece. This time the company has given active noise cancellation up to 48dB. For connectivity, Bluetooth 5.3 has been supported. Besides, it also has support for AAC, SBC and new LHDC 5.0 codec.

These have been given IP54 rating for protection from dust and water. At the same time, its case is rated IP55. With the help of Nothing Talking about control features, volume control, playback management and noise mode switch control are provided on the stem. Through the app, the user can also customize them as per his convenience.

Google Fast Pair is also supported in Nothing Ear 2, so that it connects instantly on Android. At the same time, Swift Pair feature is also provided for faster pairing with Windows 10 computers. Of these, a 33mAh battery is provided in each earpiece, while a 485mAh battery is available in the charging case. It has been said that they can provide music playback of up to 36 hours. It can give 8 hours of playback in 10 minutes of charge. Apart from this, 2.5W fast charging feature is also provided in it.


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