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Nvidia’s Accelerated Pace: Nvidia to Release New AI Chips Annually

Nvidia, the tech giant responsible for AI chips, has experienced a remarkable $14 billion profit in a single quarter. Capitalizing on this success, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang has announced a significant shift in their chip design strategy. Instead of the previous two-year cycle, the company will now release new chip architectures every year.

During the Q1 2025 earnings call, Huang revealed, “After Blackwell, there’s another chip. We’re on a one-year rhythm.” This departure from the previous two-year cycle means that Nvidia’s customers can expect more frequent chip advancements.

Historically, Nvidia has introduced new architectures approximately every two years. For instance, they unveiled Ampere in 2020, Hopper in 2022, and Blackwell in 2024. Notably, the H100 AI chip gained popularity in the industry, while Blackwell’s B200 architecture found use in gaming and creator GPUs as well.

Market analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently predicted the arrival of the next architecture, codenamed “Rubin,” in 2025. If Huang’s comments are any indication, Nvidia seems to be aligning with Kuo’s forecast. This suggests that an R100 AI GPU could potentially be available as early as next year.

In addition to the accelerated chip development, Huang declared that Nvidia will also hasten the progress of other chip categories. He stated, “New CPUs, new GPUs, new networking NICs, new switches… a mountain of chips are coming.” This ambitious approach indicates Nvidia’s determination to advance their entire chip lineup swiftly.

During the call, an analyst inquired about the transition from Hopper GPUs to the newly introduced Blackwell GPUs. Huang explained that Nvidia’s latest generations of AI GPUs are designed to be electrically and mechanically compatible with their predecessors. This ensures that customers can easily upgrade from H100 to H200 or B100 in their existing data centers without significant complications.

Huang further emphasized the overwhelming demand for Nvidia’s AI GPUs by sharing some of his sales pitches during the call. These anecdotes served to illustrate the immense market interest and solidify Nvidia’s position as a leading provider of AI-centric technologies.


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