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Nvidia RTX LHR Unlocker Is Malware

Recently, the NVIDIA RTX LHR v2 Unlocker utility appeared on the network, the author of which stated that it removes restrictions from NVIDIA video cards equipped with mining protection. A little later, the application fell into the hands of IT experts – as it turned out, in fact it turned out to be malicious software.

Computer virus

According to the Videocardz portal , instead of modifying the graphics adapter BIOS, the program infects the operating system with several viruses using the powershell.exe system utility. It also adds the entire system drive to the Microsoft Defender Antivirus exclusion list.

At the same time, experts did not note any obvious malicious actions on the part of the application itself, but suggested that it only prepares the OS for hacking using modified drivers. After the publication of numerous reports, the links to download the application have been removed. Users are advised to uninstall the application and scan the PC with anti-virus software.


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