Monday, March 4, 2024

Nvidia RTX cards can now convert SDR to HDR and upscale low-resolution videos

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Nvidia launched a new function for all owners of RTX graphics processors, which received the name RTX Video HDR. This function uses artificial intelligence to convert video color space from SDR to HDR. You need an HDR10-compatible monitor with HDR support in Windows. In addition, the function RTX Video Super Resolution appeared, which increases the resolution of content in low resolution.

RTX Video HDR is part of release driver 551.23 Game Ready for the new model RTX 4070 Ti Super. Function Video HDR works as in Microsoft Edge, as well as in Google Chrome. The Verge writes that the function improves color in 4K videos on YouTube that were not loaded in HDR. The effect is more obvious on higher quality HDR-monitors.

If you have an HDR-monitor and card RTX, you can download the latest versions of drivers from Nvidia and go to the control panel Nvidia, to enable RTX Video HDR. The video option is available in the section «Video» > «Setting parameters of images» on the control panel Nvidia.

Like many Nvidia functions based on artificial intelligence, RTX Video HDR requires an RTX card, as it uses tensor cores, which Nvidia first started putting in its graphics processors RTX 20-series. Nvidia also uses artificial intelligence methods in its Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) system to improve frame frequency and image quality in games. In 2022, Nvidia also launched the system Deep Learning Dynamic Super Resolution (DLDSR) to improve image quality by rendering games in higher resolution.

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