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NVIDIA RTX 2060 with 12 GB of video memory tested before the premiere

The host of the channel determined what performance in applications and games the RTX 2060 graphics accelerator with 12 GB of memory shows. To do this, he compared the 12 GB version of this video card with the 6 GB model. The devices were launched in three games and five programs.

As for games, the first of them was Watch Dogs: Legion… She went to Full HD on ultra settings. The difference in average frame rate was in favor of the 12 GB version (about 45 fps versus about 49 fps), by the end of the game there were noticeable drawdowns in very rare events in both cases (up to 15 fps on the 6 GB version and up to 36 fps on the 12 GB version).

Launched next Far Cry 6 at high settings in QHD. Here, the average frame rate was approximately the same (57-58 fps), and in very rare events, the values ​​drop below already on the 12 GB version (up to 28-29 fps, while at 6 GB – up to 45 k / s). /with). When cooling was turned on, the results in very rare events remained the same.

The last game was Cyberpunk 2077… In this case, the performance was the same (48 fps), in very rare events the 6 GB version had lower values ​​(34 fps versus 36 fps). At the same time, despite the same average frame rate, the power consumption was still higher for the new version of the video card – with 12 GB (1860 MHz versus 1845 MHz).

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