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Nvidia, HP and Zotac Ask US Administration to Remove Duties on Computer Components to Make Graphics Cards and Motherboards More Affordable to Consumers

The industry of components for PCs, laptops, household appliances, cars has been living in a deficit for more than a year, and, naturally, this negatively affects the price: everything has risen in price, especially video cards. At Nvidia, one of the ways to reduce the cost of 3D cards, at least in the United States, sees the abolition of duties on computer components manufactured in China. In this, Nvidia was supported by Zotac and HP. The companies have made a joint inquiry to the office of the US Trade Representative (USTR), which is deciding whether it is possible to exclude a particular product made in China from the Trump Tariff List.

In its statement, Nvidia focuses on the fact that video cards are mostly made only in China. “Products are not manufactured in the USA and in limited quantities in Taiwan“- said Nvidia. “Attempts to create new facilities in countries that do not currently manufacture such products (such as the United States and Vietnam) have been unsuccessful and have been severely thwarted by the impact of COVID-19.».

The Trump Tariff List, which took effect in January this year, includes a variety of Chinese-made computer components, including video cards and motherboards. And all of them in the United States are subject to a duty of 25%. As a result, many manufacturers, including Asus, EVGA, and Zotac, have yet another reason to increase the price of their products – in addition to the general scarcity of components in the industry.



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