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NVIDIA has hinted that it may reveal the first details about the successor to Ampere at the GTC conference in late March

The GTC 2022 developer conference will be held March 21-24, where NVIDIA promises to talk about “some things,” as CFO Colette Kress admitted at the Morgan Stanley event, apparently referring to the next generation architecture. At the same time, the successor to Ampere may coexist with the current generation of video cards for some time, as it is now happening with Turing.

An NVIDIA representative admitted that the simultaneous presence on the market of carriers of the Turing and Ampere architectures, among other things, is a consequence of the shortage of video cards, but did not rule out that such phenomena could be observed in the future. The issue of video card shortage was also touched upon at the event, and Colette Kress repeated twice that NVIDIA expects the situation to improve in the second half of the year.

When asked about the proximity of the announcement of the successor to the Ampere architecture, she did not directly answer, but emphasized: “Of course, we are working behind the scenes on what will hit the stage next . ” At the same time, it is premature to make any announcements now, and the new architecture will appear on the market when it is ready, as NVIDIA’s financial director explained.

For those who want to know something about “some things”, she recommended that you carefully follow the presentations at the GTC 2022 conference, which will begin on March 21. Follow-up events will also be used by the company to announce what’s new. All this gives rise to the feeling that at the March conference, NVIDIA can share the first details about the new architecture, but additional phases of the announcement are scheduled for later periods. The history of the announcement of Ampere fits into a similar sequence: in the spring of 2020, a version of the architecture for computing was presented, and by the fall, gaming video cards of the corresponding generation appeared.

source: Seeking Alpha
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