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Nutritionist explained which soy sauce is best to exclude from the diet

According to the specialist, soy sauces of domestic production should be removed from the diet, because these products are not prepared using the necessary technologies. You need to use only natural soy sauces, Asian. Soy sauce is prepared in the process of fermentation of soybeans under the influence of Aspergillus mushrooms, it is very difficult to find such a product.

And it is necessary to remove domestic sauces from the diet because monosodium glutamate is added to them, which stimulates appetite. Because of this supplement, you will always want to eat, which does not contribute to weight loss and ultimately health.

When it comes to real soy sauces, they are healthy, helping to quickly feel full due to the variety of taste sensations when eating dishes in which this seasoning is used. Moreover, these dishes are always low in calories.

But soy sauce should not be used by people with kidney problems, allergic reactions to such seasonings, hypertensive patients, and pregnant women.

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