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NPS: Pension of Rs 5 lakh 70 thousand will be available every month, know where and how much to invest

Pension Plan: Regular income stops after retirement. In such a situation, most people plan to invest in several pension schemes to get income every month. Many pension schemes are run from the government to the bank, by investing in which you can manage the expenses incurred every month after retirement.

National Pension System is one of such schemes, in which the more you invest, the more you will get the amount of pension. Along with this, you can also take advantage of lump sum amount. Under this scheme, any person from 18 to 70 years can invest. This scheme run by PFRDA can give pension of lakhs every month.

More than 5 lakh amount will be available under NPS

According to the calculation of NPS Prosperity Planner (NPP) show, if you invest in this scheme at the age of 30, you can get an amount of 5 lakh and 70 thousand every month. You will get this amount with the help of National Pension System (NPS) account, but for this you will have to invest Rs 3.12 lakh every year or Rs 26,000 every month.

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Pension amount after investing Rs 10,000

According to the calculation, if the investor invests 10 every month here for 30 years, then he will get a pension of Rs 2.24 lakh every month. However, for this he will have to buy full annuity with corpus of Rs 4.19 crore. If the annuity is bought only for 60 percent, then it will get a pension of 1.39 lakhs and if it is bought without ROP scheme, then a pension of Rs. 1.59 lakhs will be given every month.

What is NPS Prosperity Planner? (NPS Prosperity Planner)

With the help of NPP, NPS subscribers can estimate their projected retirement income as per the annuity options based on their existing contributions under NPS. It has been introduced by PFRDA for the convenience of the customers. The PFRDA had said in a circular on 9 December 2022 that NPP is a good option for future planning for inflation and expenditure estimates.


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