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Now your personal photos will be safe while giving Smartphone for repair! just have to do this work

Samsung Repair Mode: Samsung is coming up with an amazing feature for its smartphone users, with the help of which users will be able to keep their phone’s photos, messages, accounts – all the contents of the phone safe when the phone is repaired by someone else. will go into the hands of. Let’s know about this feature.  

Samsung Repair Mode to keep Photos Safe during Smartphone Repair: Smartphones are used by everyone in today’s time and sometimes it happens that your phone gets damaged. In such a situation, if you give your phone to a shop for repair, then it is definitely a concern that the personal photos, videos and documents saved in the phone may not be misused. Let us tell you that the smartphone brand Samsung has made arrangements to remove this concern of yours. Samsung has come up with a new feature, ‘Samsung Repair Mode’ which will keep your media files absolutely safe. Let’s know everything about this mode. 

Samsung is bringing a special Repair Mode 

If you are wondering what is this repair mode and how it works, then let us tell you about it in detail. According to a report by Sam Mobile, Samsung is working on a new privacy feature for its smartphone users named Repair Mode. It was first seen on Samsung’s Korean website. 

How will this feature work 

Let us tell you how this new repair mode of Samsung works. By turning on this mode, those who fix your phone will be given limited access to your smartphone. After turning on this mode, all your photos, messages and accounts will be hidden from the person repairing the phone. In this way, they will not be able to misuse the content of your phone. This mode can be turned on by going to the ‘Battery and Device Care’ option in the smartphone’s settings. 

Let us tell you that at present this mode is being released for Samsung Galaxy S21 Series but in the coming time this feature will be rolled out for more models. 

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