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Now you will not be able to do call recording, Call Recorder will be closed from May 11; Google took a tough step

New Delhi. Do you also record calls while calling someone? If yes, then today’s article is for you. Google is taking tough steps to increase security and privacy on Android. Google has updated its developer policies to reflect these changes. This includes Android’s accessibility settings to stop remote call audio recording. Call recording is very popular among users.

A Reddit user pointed out that the upcoming changes to Google’s new Play Store policy will not allow any app to record calls. Google has been pushing to turn off call recording on Android for some time now. It blocked real-time call recording on Android 6. Whereas with Android 10, Google had removed the in-call audio recording on the microphone. However, some apps have been found to have loopholes that allow access to the accessibility service for call recording. This is on Android 10.

The updated Play Store policy states that the Accessibility API is not designed and remote calls cannot be requested for audio recording. Without access to the recording API, apps cannot natively do call recording. It will be like the iPhone which has never made call recording available to its users. Google has said that these changes will come into effect from May 11. At the same time, keeping in mind the privacy and security of the users, call recording law can be implemented in different countries.

For example, in the US, call recording is permitted only with the consent of either party. Sadly, there is no such law in India, but reportedly such proposals are in the works.

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