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Now this is the limit! Apple’s 90,000 smartwatch being sold for just Rs 1200, customers are not sure

Apple Watch: If you are thinking about buying the recently launched Appke Watch Ultra, then obviously you have to pay a price of about 90 thousand rupees for this but It is not necessarily the budget to buy it. If you are also facing this problem then today we are going to tell you about such a platform where you can buy this watch at a very economical price. If you do not have any information about this, then today we are going to tell you about it in detail so that you can understand how you cost it so low Can buy in. 

Where can I find such a cheap smartwatch 

Everyone wants to know Appke Watch Ultra which costs about Rs 90,000, after all, how and where it is being sold for just Rs 1200. Obviously, anyone can be surprised. If you are also surprised by reading this news, then tell that what you are understanding of Appke Watch Ultra is actually the first copy of this smartwatch or replica which It looks like the exact Appke Watch Ultra but its features, speed and other features are different from each other. 

Where is this watch found 

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Customers are purchasing Appke Watch Ultra’s Replica model from the Facebook marketplace. Duplicate products are sold on this platform fiercely and those who do not have a budget are buying Fake models of Appke Watch Ultra from here. If you too are considering buying it as real, then let me tell you that you can be ruined in this deal. 


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