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Now the tire will not get punctured and the air will not come out, JK Tire introduced ‘Puncture Guard Tire’

New Delhi.
Puncture Guard Tires By Jk Tires:
A big problem arises for the riders of the car when their tire gets out of air or the tire gets punctured. This problem is very common and people keep facing it every day. Now to eliminate these problems of the people, JK Tire has launched the first puncture guard tire in India. Puncture Guard tire technology with a specially engineered self-healing elastomer inner coat is applied to the inside of the tire through an automatic process that heals punctures. The advanced puncture guard tire has been tested in all Indian on-road as well as off-road conditions.

people will have convenience

Revolutionizing the tire market in India, JK Tire & Industries Ltd., a leading tire manufacturer in radial technology, has launched the first puncture guard tire in India for four wheelers. Driven by the technical expertise of manufacturing tyres suited to Indian standard conditions, JK Tire aims to revolutionize the industry with puncture guard tires for the current new generation cars available in the market. With this technology tires can self-repair punctures up to 6.0 mm in diameter caused by sharp objects or other causes. The puncture guard tire provides a hassle free ride throughout the life of the tire without loss of air.


Emphasis on innovation
Dr. Raghupati Singhania, Chairman and Managing Director, JK Tire & Industries Ltd. said on the occasion that JK Tire always talks about innovation-led growth. With the introduction of Smart Tire Technology in the year 2020 and now with Puncture Guard Tire Technology, we have provided our customers with a much needed solution. JK Tire’s latest technology offers vehicle owners a high level of safety and convenience. The puncture guard tire technology was part of the concept tire unveiled at Auto Expo 2020 and is in line with JK Tire’s initiative to foray into successful innovations this year.

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