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Now no one will be single! You will get a partner with the help of AI, try this method on Valentine’s Day

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Found a wife with the help of AI on Tinder, you can also try your luck on Valentine’s

If you too are looking for the perfect life partner, then this trick can be very useful for you. Now you can find your life partner with the help of AI on dating apps like Tinder. In this, AI will do all your work, from chatting to proposal and date invite, AI fixes all the tasks. Recently, a case has come to light in which Moscow-based Alexander Zadan used the power of OpenAI’s ChatGPT language model to chat with more than 5,000 females on Tinder.

Found wife with the help of AI

Alexander Zadan found his life partner Karina Vylashkaeva with the help of AI. Zadan programmed the AI ​​to arrange face-to-face meetings and delete profiles based on specific facts as per his demand.

The two people first connected in December 2022, with Vyalashkaeva initially unaware that she was chatting with an AI.

AI suggested marriage proposal

After the two people chatted through AI, Zadan gradually took over the relationship himself. After this both of them started meeting offline. The interesting thing is that it was the AI ​​that influenced Zadan to ask the question. Initially it took time for AI to understand Zadan’s way but after some time he started talking exactly like Zadan.

If you also want to find a partner for yourself like Zadan, then you can also take the help of AI ChatGPT on your Tinder app, for this you will have to follow this process.

How to Enable AI ChatGPT on Tinder

  • First of all, open Tinder app, go to your profile, click on Settings option.
  • After this select the option of ChatGPT. Here you will see the option “Enable AI ChatGPT”, enable it.
  • Now you can choose the settings as per your choice, such as the language of ChatGPT can be selected as Hindi, English or any other language.
  • Apart from this, you can select the character of ChatGPT as funny, serious, or any other type of character. (This will show your behavior)
  • The reaction of ChatGPT, i.e. how to react after seeing any message, depends on the settings made according to you.
  • After this click on the save option. Now you can use ChatGPT. When you are chatting with a match, click on the “ChatGPT” option. ChatGPT will write the message for you. You can edit the message and then send it.

Keep in mind that ChatGPT is not available in all languages ​​and may not always display correct reactions or results. You cannot depend completely on it.

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