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Now Google will save your money, will curb spending, know how?

New Delhi: Do you know that your every location is tracked from the smartphone. And then accordingly the ads is shown to you. But soon your location tracking will be turned off. In fact, Google on Wednesday announced to limit ad tracking on the Android operating system. Due to which users will not only get privacy, but will also get rid of unnecessary advertisements. Let us tell you that Google has already introduced the Ad Tracking feature for Apple iPhone users. Which will be implemented for Android devices.

Google has announced a multi-year plan to develop a privacy sandbox on Android Privacy to offer a personalized advertising solution. Google said in a blog post that it will send notifications regarding the ad. Google will limit ads with third parties. Also the ad will be able to cross-app identification including ID. Google plans to launch a privacy sandbox beta by the end of the year. This is expected to cause a loss of 10 billion dollars to Facebook. Also many other tech companies will be shocked. Google said it would work with app makers such as Snap and Activision Blizzard to block users’ access to third-party apps. By the end of 2023, it will eliminate tracking technology in its Chrome browser.

spending will be curbed

Let us tell you that most of the smartphones, tablets in the world work on the operating systems of Google and Apple. Meaning there are Android or iOS users. In such a situation, users will not make unnecessary purchases due to less advertising on Android devices after Apple. In the current era, third party apps offer many offers and advertisements without the permission of the users. Such advertisements sometimes become the reason for fraud. Also, due to offers and advertisements, users make extra purchases.

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