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Now electric vehicles will be fully charged in 15 minutes!

Electric three-wheeler maker Altigreen recently launched its new rapid-charging electric vehicle, which the company has claimed can charge from zero to 100 percent in just 15 minutes of charging. If you are thinking that this is the common charging speed, then you are wrong. For this rapid charging, the company has partnered with Exponent Energy. In an interview to a media publication, Altigreen said that the company will start the delivery of its rapid-charge EV from October this year.

One given to the Time of India Interview At the event, Dr. Amitabh Saran, Founder and CEO, Altigreen Propulsion Labs, and Arun Vinayak, Co-Founder and CEO, Exponent Energy, shared their insights into rapid-charge EVs and the technology behind its battery packs and super-fast charging. As per the report, the deliveries of the rapid-charge EV will start in October 2022.

Amitabh Saran told the publication that Altigreen is supplying its cargo EVs to most ecommerce and FMCG companies for last and mid mile delivery. These include Amazon, Flipkart, HUL, Bisleri, IFB and so on. These customers have demanded delivery vans with fast-charge options for specific use cases where multiple shifts and quick turnaround times are required. Our new rapid-charge vehicle will be quickly deployed for such applications.

Arun Vinayak of Exponent Energy told the publication that the company is simplifying energy for EVs with its battery packs and charging stations – e^pack and e^pump – which provide voltage, Unlocks a simultaneous 15-minute rapid charge, regardless of battery capacity and vehicle format.

According to Vinayak, the e^pack ensures a 3000-cycle life warranty (a new industry standard). This is made possible by the company’s proprietary BMS and charging algorithm. The Exponent E^pump delivers 600A of current to the E^pack while managing individual cell characteristics, including thermal, to ensure safety, long battery life and performance stability even at 50°C. He further explained that rapid charging makes it possible to keep the battery size 30% smaller than the longer range models present in AltGreen’s current lineup. Vinayak further claimed that during the company’s testing with Altigreen, the vehicles covered 400 km in a single day with 5 back-to-back rapid charge cycles, and 10,000 km in a 40-day period. Performed more city-driving.

As far as cost is concerned, according to Vinayak, smaller batteries reduce the cost of the vehicle and faster charging leads to less charging cost and time. Today, the standard amount that users can pay for energy at charging stations is between Rs 20-24 per unit and this will come down to Rs 12-14 per unit with Exponent’s rapid charging solution.

Vinayak says that if Exponent vehicles equipped with e^pack are not charged at e^pump, then it will take 60 minutes for full charge. Of course it is the charging time that also affects.

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