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Now create your own recap reel on Instagram, how to use this feature, know here

Instagram : years 2022 is about to end. before the New Year’s Eve, Instagram has introduced a new facility for its users across the globe that will allow them to create their own 2022 recap reels and share them with their followers on the platform.

Users can select anywhere between three to 14 photos and videos, which Platform Linked together will make a complete reel. Users can choose a describe template from artists and influencers such as Bad Bunny, DJ Khaled, Badshah or Stranger Things star Priya Ferguson 2022 more to the recap reel customized can do.

cnet reports that from today Instagram 2023 Will start providing these templates to its users at the global level for several days. During this time users will be able to create and share their own recap reels on the platform.

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For the unversed, before 2021, instagram users was to create their own version of the year-end feature, in which they would select their top 9 images and share them in a photo grid format. however, 2021 In 2015, the photo and video-sharing platform Meta launched a ‘year in review‘ feature, which allows users to select up to 10 stories to share with their followers. this year instagram users Not restricting to any particular format. Hence, it allows the users to plan their 2022 recap reel allowing both images and videos to be selected for the video – a format that has served the company well this year.

If you want to create your own 2022 recap reel on Instagram, you should follow:

How to make your 2022 recap reel on Instagram

Now create your own recap reel on Instagram, how to use this feature


step 1

First, tap on the ‘Create Your 2022 Recap Reel’ prompt on the homepage of the app.

step 2

Now choose the template of your choice.

step 3

Tap on the ‘Use template’ button.

step 4

Now, you will get the option to replace the video clip in the template with your own photos and videos. Select the photos and videos you want to convert.

step 5

Once you have selected, tap on the arrow button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

step 6

Now you will preview the last reel. At this point, you can make any necessary changes to the reel as you wish. Once you are done editing, tap on the ‘Next’ button at the bottom right corner of the screen.

step 7

Download Link

You can now make further changes to your 2022 recap reel while viewing it in full screen mode. Once you’ve finished making changes, tap the Next button.

step 8

Now add a caption and location, tap on people and products and at last tap on the ‘Share’ button.


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