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Now China is preparing copies of animals, Tibetan goats were made with this technology

China is preparing fake goats Image Credit source: pixabay

The whole world knows very well that China is a great master in copying anything. This is a country where you will find everything cheap and expensive. The situation is such that now he is cloning animals. In recent times, Chinese scientists have had a major success in this matter, where they have claimed to have succeeded in cloning the goats of Tibet for the first time. Regarding his success, he says that for this the same technology has been used which was used to prepare the world’s first cloned sheep.

China Central Television, a Chinese news channel, has released a video regarding this. According to which the first Tibetan child was 7.4 pounds and is healthy. Although this has been done on other goats also, no mention has been made about them till now. In this process, scientists use somatic cell cloning technology. In which the nucleus of an adult cell is transferred to a new egg cell.

Why is China doing this?

After this the egg is inserted into the womb of a surrogate mother. Due to this, a baby goat was born which did not have any of its DNA. Let us tell you that these scientists are preserving a special type of genetic material from the goat population, which will not be easy for the goat rearers to handle because the children of this type have to be taken a lot of care.

It is being said that China is using this technology so that it can produce Tibetan male goats because the wool produced from this creature is in high demand. However, China says that we are doing this kind of experiment so that we can increase the income of our farmers. According to experts, it looks much easier but it is equally difficult. China has already cloned monkeys with this technology. China has already cloned monkeys with this technology.


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