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Now ATM will get wheat-rice ration, biometric facility will be available – see how it will work

Wheat Rice from ATM: All of you must have withdrawn notes from Automated Teller Machine (ATM), but now such an ATM is being installed from which wheat-rice will also come out. Yes, you must have heard something different, but now you will be able to withdraw food grains from this ATM machine.

The facility of food grains from ATM is about to start in the state of Odisha. The state government here is soon going to make arrangements for giving food grains from ATMs at ration depots under this facility. It is also being called Grain ATM ie Grain ATM.

This is how Grain ATM will work
Let us tell you that all you ration card holders in Grain ATM will have to enter your Aadhar card number and the number mentioned on the ration card. After this you will have to put your sack in the ATM, and you will get the grain. The government is currently starting this under a pilot project. Under this scheme, the first grain ATM is going to be installed in Bhubaneswar.

This facility will be available in Odisha
Food Supplies and Consumer Welfare Minister Atanu Sabyasachi has given information about this scheme in the Odisha Legislative Assembly. He said that preparations are being made to give ration from Grain ATM to the stakeholders in Odisha. In the initial phase, grain ATMs will be installed in urban areas. After this, there is a plan to install this special ATM in all the districts. After this, a plan has been made to install Grain ATMs in all the districts of the state.

will get a card with a special code
Minister Sabyasachi said that a card with a special code will be provided to the stakeholders to take ration from Grain ATM. He said that the Grain ATM machine will be completely touch screen. Biometric facility will also be present in it.

First Grain ATM installed in Gurugram
It is known that the first grain ATM in the country was installed in Gurugram, Haryana. It is being told that this machine is being promoted by the government under the World Food Program. It is also called ‘automated, multi commodity, grain dispensing machine’.

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