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Nothing will happen with iPhone, this setting of phone’s camera will do wonders.

iPhone Camera Setting For Best Picture

Most people like to buy iPhone for its camera. Well, it is also true that excellent photo-video can be captured through iPhone. But sometimes a good photo is not clicked even with an iPhone, it may not be the camera’s fault but your technique or your editing quality. Many people do not know how to capture photos and edit them properly. That’s why even premium smartphones like iPhone don’t produce good photos.

But this should not happen with you, so here we will tell you how you can edit the photo after clicking it and how to make settings of the phone’s camera.

How to edit photos in iPhone

  • We click photos from the phone but that thing is not visible in the photo, in such a situation we just think that we bought an iPhone after spending so much money but the photo is still not good. Here we are telling you about the secret setting after which Your photo will look like a DSLR camera.
  • For this, first click the photo, then go to the gallery and click on the edit option. Now click on the adjust option written below.
  • After clicking, click on Exposure to 100, click on Brilliance and make it -40, slide Highlights to -60, Shadows to 30, Contrast to -60, Increase Brightness to 10, Black Move point to 10.
  • After this increase the saturation to between 7-10. After doing this, go to Vibrancy and make it 20, go to Warmth and make it 10, take Sharpness to 10, now you will also be shown the option of definition, take it to 10, after doing all this adjust the exposure to your Adjust as per photo.


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