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Nothing Ear 1 Black Edition Review: Killer earphones in their segment, but there are some drawbacks too

Nothing Ear 1 Black Edition Review: This is the second earphone to be launched by Nothing Ear. Though the specifications remain the same as that of the first variant of the Nothing Ear 1, it has been given a dark ‘transparent’ design.

British firm Nothing launched Nothing Ear 1 TWS earbuds as its first product. The design of these earbuds is transparent and because of this, it looks quite different from other earbuds in the market. 

Later, the company launched a black edition of Nothing Ear 1. It is priced at the same level as the standard Nothing Ear 1 and can be bought from the market for Rs.6,999.

After reviewing the standard variant of the Nothing Ear 1 I have used the Nothing Ear 1 Black Edition for a while. On this basis, let us tell you in this review how its performance is. 

The specifications of the new Nothing Ear 1 Black Edition also remain the same as the standard earbuds. You can read the review of Nothing Ear 1 Standard Version by clicking here. The audio quality and other features are the same, the only difference is the color. 

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The design of the Nothing Ear 1 Black Edition is also different from other earbuds in the market. Because here also the transparent design has been kept. The case given with it is black, but despite this, it is transparent and you can see the buds kept inside comfortably from outside. 

Talking about the comfort, here these earbuds are lightweight and wearing it for a long time does not disturb listening to music. These earbuds do not fall from the ears during workouts. If they are running fast and not keeping fit properly then they can fall. 

Control is very easy and you can control from the app. Nothing’s app is simple and has a nice user interface. From here you can also change audio presets. The box given with it seems a bit big and it comes in a square shape.

 The stem of these earbuds is quite sleek and not too big. The controls are simple and you can increase or decrease the volume with the stem itself. In ear detection has been given in these earbuds, due to which the music will pause as soon as you remove it from the ear. After putting it in the ears again, the music will start playing from there.

The white variant of the Nothing Ear 1 gets scratches in the case after a few months of usage. These are not the issue with Nothing Ear 1 Black Edition. Although due to the material being beans, scratches also appear here, but they are not visible, so they look clean. 

If you always keep dark mode on your smartphone and laptop, then you will love this black edition of Nothing. Like the standard white variant of the Nothing earbuds, it also has good connectivity with a mobile or any Bluetooth device. In some Android smartphones, it connects through a pop-up, while in other smartphones by turning on Bluetooth, you will be able to search and connect to it. 

Talking about active noise cancellation, it is almost accurate. The good thing is that different modes have been given in this too. You can also set and change it through the app. However, many times you will notice that even after activating Active Noise Cancellation, the light surrounding noise keeps coming in the ears. Like other high-end earbuds, turning on ANC doesn’t cut you off completely from other people. 

The battery life of the Nothing Ear 1 Black Edition is also the same as that of the standard white variant. Here too you get about four hours of battery life. If you are using Active Noise Cancellation by turning it off, then you can easily remove up to 5.5 hours of backup. 

It supports wired and wireless charging. There is support for quick charge, so it will not take much time to charge it. By charging 15-20 minutes, you can listen to songs continuously for few hours comfortably.

Nothing Ear 1 Black Edition: Bottom Line 

The Black variant of the Nothing Ear 1 cannot be said to be an upgrade. Because there is no change in the specifications. There is no change in the design either. This is just one color variant. Since Nothing Ear 1 follows a transparent design language, these earbuds become interesting. 

Nothing Ear 1 Black Edition is transparent in a way even though it is black. You can easily see the parts attached to the stem of the earbuds. The whole feel is transparent, but it has been blackened. In many ways, it overshadows its white variant in terms of looks. Although the color variant completely depends on your choice. 

Like Nothing Ear 1, Nothing Ear 1 Black Edition is good in audio quality too. You will also find a review of the White variant of Nothing Ear 1 on our website. You can read that too. 



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