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“Not beaten, not painted, not mined.” Cryptocurrency miner from Vietnam showed how to clean up video cards after mining

After the transition of Ethereum to the Proof-of-Stake algorithm, the network no longer needs miners to maintain operation, so many cryptocurrency miners, who had not turned off their farms to the last, began to get rid of them. The first and main way is to sell unnecessary video cards. And to make it profitable, you need to carry out preventive maintenance: replace “tired” fans, clean the video card from dust, in the ideal case, change the thermal paste and thermal pads. You can clean video cards in different ways, a miner from Vietnam demonstrated his know-how: a high-pressure washer.

The video may shock those who bought video cards for 100 or 200 thousand rubles last year, but now the price (especially in the secondary market) has dropped significantly, and, apparently, the miner decided that the painstaking processing of each 3D accelerator takes too much time and effort, which, if resold now, probably will not be compensated. Therefore, video cards are brought to the “not beaten, not painted” state quickly and efficiently – with the help of a high pressure washer.

If the 3D map is turned off, and then there is enough time to “dry out”, then water procedures may not affect performance in any way. But the pressure of the jet under pressure is another matter. Such cleaning can damage many elements inside, and a malfunction may be revealed after the presale. Therefore, such videos are another reason to seriously consider buying a 3D card from your hands.

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