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Not Bayonetta, but Sekiro. The main thing from the Stellar Blade preview

Gamers are eagerly anticipating the release of Stellar Blade, a South Korean slasher film featuring an exceptionally beautiful protagonist. However, based on the preview, players were mistaken: what awaits them is not an action-packed movie akin to Bayonetta, but rather a brutal action game resembling Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Various preview materials for the new title have surfaced online. The main revelation is its challenging nature. Journalists liken it to NieR: Automata and Sekiro, while also highlighting the game’s ruthless design, which necessitates mastery of local parrying techniques (two successfully countered attacks allow for a special maneuver).

In the demo version, several bosses were showcased, each requiring a cautious approach rather than hasty engagement. Despite the multitude of phases and attacks, they were not deemed overly daunting. Additionally, for those who may find the game excessively punishing, the developers have included a “story” mode, significantly easing combat encounters.

Among other elements inspired by FromSoftware’s ingenuity, the press emphasized the presence of bonfires, where the heroine can pause, listen to music, and enhance her skills.

However, journalists also noted drawbacks such as clumsy platforming and surprisingly unwieldy controls during basic exploration of environments. Players will have the opportunity to assess the game themselves starting March 29th, when the Shift Up team releases the Stellar Blade demo. As a reminder, the full release on PlayStation 5 is scheduled for April 26th.


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