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Nokia Vs iPhone: The man threw both the phones from the roof to see the strength; watch video who won

Nokia 3310 Vs iPhone 13 Pro Drop Test : There was a time when most of the people in India used to have a Nokia phone. During that time, Nokia’s phone was also considered the strongest. Nokia 3310 was one of them. Even after falling on the ground, it did not break and even if it fell by mistake, everyone used to connect it easily. In terms of strength, this phone had failed many expensive phones. People used to quote about the strength of Nokia.

Let us tell you that a person made the Nokia 3310 compete with the Apple iPhone 13 Pro. The result of which may surprise you. A famous YouTuber threw both the phones from the ceiling to see the strength.
During this, there was some problem in both the phones but one of them won.

If we talk about iPhone 13 Pro, then this smartphone is by far the most powerful and expensive. At the same time, this year the iPhone is the best selling phone in India.

iPhone 13 Pro vs Nokia 3310 Drop Test

Youtuber TechRax did a drop test of the Apple iPhone 13 Pro with the Nokia 3310. In the video, he holds the iPhone 13 Pro, which is pitted against a class Nokia device that has always been considered durable. Do you think that this time also Nokia would have won, then you can be wrong. You must have guessed that the Nokia 3310 would have won easily. but it’s not like that.

Watch Viral Video here

Nokia 3310 and iPhone 13 Pro were dropped together. The back panel of the iPhone was cracked. But the screen was in good condition. At the same time, Nokia was completely broken. After that TechRax threw the iPhone 13 Pro from the ceiling for the second time, even after that the screen was working and scratches did not come.

Even after being thrown for the third time, the back panel in the iPhone 13 Pro was damaged, but the screen was working perfectly. In such a situation, the iPhone 13 Pro won this match.

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