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Nokia Secretly Launches Two Cheapest Phones, Full Charging Battery For 18 Days

New Delhi: Nokia Mobile has renewed its best selling feature phones Nokia 105 and Nokia 110. The latest version of the device was announced in 2019. Both devices have won the IF Design Award in 2020. The new version is also a good feature phone to look at. However, there is no significant difference in design between the Nokia 105 and the 110. In fact, its hardware is almost identical. The only difference is the camera and the polycarbonate body color option.

Nokia 105 and Nokia 110 Design
Compared to the phone that came in 2019, its design has changed a bit. It has the biggest upgrade FM antenna solution. Which applies to both 105 and 110. This means that it is now possible to listen to the radio without using a headset. Both have an LED flashlight. Both phones come with preloaded games. Including a prestigious Nokia game, Snake.

Nokia 105 And Nokia 110 specifications
The Nokia 105 and Nokia 110 come with a 1.77-inch QVGA screen. It already has 10 games with popular Snake installed. It evenly packs a rear shell made of polycarbonate. Both feature phones are powered by a Unisok 6531E processor. Which is paired with 4 MB RAM. The phone series runs on S30 + OS. Only 2G connectivity is supported.

Nokia 105 and Nokia 110 batteries
Nokia 105 and Nokia 110 have 800 mAh battery. Which can last up to 18 days. If you are on call for 12 hours, the device may start. The battery can be charged in the form of a micro USB connector. There is a built in flashlight at the top. According to Nokia, the device can store up to 2000 contacts and up to 500 text messages. This can be a great option for those who want to buy a cheap smartphone.

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