Monday, March 4, 2024

Nokia, live. Nokia will release at least 17 new mobile phones on the market this year.

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As is known, the company HDM Global decided to concentrate on its own brand in the smartphone market instead of using the Nokia brand. However, Nokia mobile devices will not leave the market at least this year. Moreover, at least 17 new models will appear.

photo: iXBT

The IMEI database says that we are expecting 17 new mobile phones with the following catalog numbers:

    • TA-1603

    • TA-1607

    • TA-1609

    • TA-1610

    • TA-1611

    • TA-1612

    • TA-1613

    • TA-1614

    • TA-1615

    • TA-1616

    • TA-1617

    • TA-1618

    • TA-1619

    • TA-1621

    • TA-1622

    • TA-1625

    • ТА-1628

There are no technical details yet. These can be both smartphones and just ordinary push-button phones. In the second case we are really sorry for the brand in the smartphone market, although, perhaps, only temporarily. The fact is that HDM Global owns the rights to the Nokia brand till 2026, so it can quite take advantage of it.

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