Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Nokia and Vivo reached agreement on licensing 5G

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Finnish company Nokia announced the signing of a multi-year patent cross-licensing agreement with Chinese smartphone manufacturer Vivo. This concerns, including, the company’s use of Vivo technology in connection with 5G — legal disputes regarding this have taken place since 2021. The new agreement settles all mutual disputes between the companies regarding each other’s intellectual property.

Under the terms of the agreement, Vivo will pay Nokia royalties for the use of its patented developments, and will also pay court expenses accrued during the adjudication of the dispute. «The Agreement permits all pending patent disputes between the parties to be adjudicated in all jurisdictions. The terms of the agreement remain confidential as agreed by the parties, — stated in the official Nokia statement.

Nokia emphasizes that at the heart of its patent portfolio lies research worth 150 billion euros, conducted since 2000, and there are more than 6000 developments, dedicated only to 5G networks. The company is ready to transfer its developments on the terms of fair licensing, and the companies that receive them will be able to save on conducting their own research. Over the past 13 months, the Finnish company has entered into 6 similar licensing agreements; Apart from Vivo, it managed to negotiate with Apple, Samsung, Oppo, Honor and Huawei.

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