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No Toll Fraud Malware in your phone? How dangerous is it for Android users? Learn the complete information

New Delhi:Toll Fraud Malware: Microsoft has issued a warning to Android users in its blog post. In it, the company mentions ‘Toll Fraud’. This can be dangerous for users’ payment wallets and bank accounts. Microsoft researchers Dimitrios Valsamaras and Sang Shin Jung have given information about this. Also, Google reports that users in India, Russia, Mexico, Indonesia and Turkey have been hit the hardest by toll fraud malware. Let’s learn more about this malware.

How does Toll Fraud Malware work?

Toll Fraud Malware disconnects your device from Wi-Fi and allows you to work only on cellular networks. It then controls the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP). Secretly buys a paid subscription after controlling WAP. Not only this, when OTP comes in this process, it also intercepts it and sends it to the service provider. Hackers can use this to hack users’ bank accounts. Also, turn off notifications, so that users will not understand. This dangerous malware also shuts down SMS notifications and app notifications from banks. So as long as the users get the information, the bank account is empty.

This is how Toll Fraud Malware infiltrates Android devices?

Not all apps on the Google Play Store are secure. Most free antivirus, file managers, beauty filters and wallpaper apps do not contain malware. These types of apps ask users for different permissions. Suppose, if you download a camera app, you do not need to give permission to send or read messages to such apps. Most people ignore this and allow apps unnecessarily, which is a big loss.

Do this to prevent Toll Fraud Malware

  • According to Microsoft researchers Dimitrios Valsamaras and Sang Shin, special care must be taken when downloading apps from the Play Store to avoid this malware.
  • Also, avoid downloading apps that require unnecessary permission.
  • Also, do not download such apps if the user interface or icon is similar to other apps.
  • Also, avoid downloading apps that have poor programming and poor reviews.
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