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No tension of AC budget! Brand new AC will come to your house for only 1500 rupees, you have to do this work

New Delhi: Summer has started in India and temperatures have risen sharply in many cities. If you want to cope with this summer, it is very important to have Coolers, Ac at home. This has also increased the need for cooling devices. You may also want to purchase an AC this summer, but if you have a budget problem, you can opt for an alternative. You can buy AC for less money and experience the benefits of AC. Instead of buying AC to save money, you can rent an AC. The advantage of this is that you do not have to pay for its maintenance. See details.

Rentmojo: rentomojo offers free relocation and upgrade features. If you rent a 1 ton capacity split air conditioner, the rent starts from Rs. 1,399 per month. On the other hand, to hire an air conditioner with a capacity of 1 ton, a security deposit of Rs. 1,949 is required. Which is returned to you. Rentomojo charges Rs 1,500 as installation charge. Which includes a water pipe for AC.

CityFurnish: If you want to rent a 1 ton capacity window air conditioner, CitiFurnish charges you 1,069 per month. It also includes an installation charge of Rs 1,000 and a security deposit of Rs 2,749. At the same time, the fare for 1 ton split AC is Rs 1,249 per month and for installing AC, Rs 1,500 and security deposit of Rs 2,799 will be charged.

FairRent: A monthly fee of Rs 1,375 is charged for renting a 1.5 tonne window AC from FairRent. This includes the installation fee as well as the stabilizer bundled with the unit. Fairent also offers a number of free services, including AC rental times. Ferrent also has special long term service plans.

Rentalco: This platform includes the option of Windows AC and Split AC for the users. Its monthly rent is Rs 1,299 and Rs 1,599. With RentLoco, users will have to pay AC rent for a period of at least 3 months. For a 1.5 tonne window AC, you have to pay a security deposit of Rs 1,532.

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