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No one will tell these shortcomings of iPhone 14, know otherwise you will have to bear the loss

New Delhi. Four models of the iPhone 14 series have been launched. By now most of the people would have got information about the price and specifications of the iPhone 14 Pro model. But no one will tell you about the shortcomings of the iPhone 14 Pro. But today we will tell you about 3 hidden drawbacks of iPhone 14, which should probably be known to every user who is planning to buy iPhone 14 smartphone. Otherwise, after buying iPhone 14, you will have to regret it for the rest of your life. Let us know about it in detail..

Will get Lightning cable support

The iPhone 14 Pro mods have the same Lightning connector as before, which, like last year’s model, comes with USB 2.0. In such a situation, with its help, data can be transferred at a maximum speed of 480 mbps. Simply put, when you send full resolution 48MP ProRAW photos from iPhone 14 Pro to Mac or any other device with Lightning only, it will take a long time to transfer files.

Transfer photos from iCloud
However, ProRAW from Apple recommends using iCloud to transfer files or photos. Through which photos and data can be transferred wirelessly with the help of Mac or other device. Also, Apple users can also use AirDrop. But Lightning remains only a problem.

USB 3.0 support was given in iPad Pro

Let us know that in the year 2015, the Lightning connector was officially given in the iPad Pro, which came with USB 3.0 support. Meaning, with the help of this, users could transfer data at a speed of up to 5 Gbps. But Apple has not yet used the USB 3.0 Lightning cable in the iPhone. Although it is being claimed in media reports that the USB Type C port can be given in place of the Lightning cable in the upcoming iPhone 15 model.
If this happens, iPhone users will be able to transfer data at speeds ranging from 10 Gbps to 40 Gbps with the help of a USB Type C cable.

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