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No one will be able to break into your password, do this work today

The faster technology has entered our lives, the faster we have become accustomed to it. Some call it the digital world, some say that we are in the digital age. This era has also made our every information digital, which is password protected. Often people keep the same password for several login IDs, so that they do not have to remember the password. But using the same password or login credentials can make you vulnerable to a password attack. Cyber ​​attack can break into multiple accounts by getting one of your passwords. Due to this your personal information can come out and you can become a victim of exploitation by cyber attackers. Today we are going to tell you about some cyber attacks and ways to avoid them.

brute force attack

Password Attack is a guessing game. In this attack, the hacker uses several password combinations using hacking software until he can crack the user’s password. You can avoid this type of cyber attack if you create a unique password for each of your online accounts.

credential stuffing

In this type of attack, the cyber attacker uses the stolen credentials to break into your online accounts and profiles. Spyware and other types of malware are also used to gain credentials. Cyber ​​attackers usually keep compromised passwords safe in the dark web. People are targeted with their help. In such a situation, it is important that you use two-factor authentication to avoid suspicious login activity.

social engineering

In this type of attack, cyber attackers redirect people to a fake login page. You think you are opening your social media account when it is not the original page. You enter your information (Login ID and Password), which is recorded and passed on to the cyber attacker. To avoid this type of attack, it is important that you do not click on suspicious links or attachments. Always visit only valid pages with https//.

keylogger attack

It is a spyware that tracks and records your keyboard while you are typing on the keyboard. You do not even know and your information reaches the cyber attacker. To avoid this type of attack, install reliable antivirus software on your device.

Password Spray Attack

In this attack, the hacker tries a large number of stolen passwords on your account. To avoid such attacks, change your password every two months.


Password phishing attacks often arrive in the form of an e-mail or text message. These websites record the credentials you type when you open them. This gives attackers access to your real accounts. To avoid phishing attacks, check the URL before logging into any suspicious mail or text message.

man-in-the-middle attack

Phishing messages are also sent in this. These messages contain malicious attachments, through which an attempt is made to install spyware, so that the password can be recorded. By checking such e-mails, you can avoid such attacks.

shoulder surfing

In this attack, people are targeted when they are typing their password in a public place. To avoid such attacks, mobile devices should be protected with biometric features, such as facial recognition.

These precautions will make your password secure

  • Always create a strong password.
  • Keep changing the password from time to time.
  • Use multifactor authentication.
  • Use Biometric Authentication.
  • Install antivirus software on the device.

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