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No need to panic after online fraud, just dial these 4 numbers from the phone, you will get money back

New Delhi. With the advent of online transactions, online frauds have also started increasing rapidly. This is the reason why you need to take care of many things while making online payment. Today we are going to tell you about some such methods, which you can use after being online fraud. Also, these are helpline numbers on which you can even get money back after calling.

The Government of India is also making every effort to stop such frauds. This is the reason why the Ministry of Home Affairs has started a new helpline in collaboration with DoT. The job of this helpline is to immediately solve the problem of people being victims of cyber fraud. The Ministry of Home Affairs has started the 1930 helpline number. Now if any fraud happens with you then you can call on it.

Your complaint will be activated as soon as you call. The complaint being on means that all the investigating agencies will start working on it. Along with this, the local police will also be involved in this case. But keep in mind that you will also have to present evidence for cyber fraud. Because usually cyber fraud has a direct connection with the bank. This is the reason that whenever cyber fraud happens, you have to take help from the police or other agencies.

The bank account of the fraudster will be frozen as soon as the complaint is received. It simply means that the bank account will not be able to withdraw or deposit money from it. But to do this, first you have to make a complaint on the helpline number given above. In such a situation, there is a lot of chance that your money will also come back. But timing matters the most in this complaint. Registering a complaint also becomes easy once the timing is right.

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