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No more AAAA. Skull and Bones has lost a third of its price tag in two weeks

In mid-February, the unsuccessful pirate MMO Skull and Bones was released. The world practically forgot about the existence of long-term construction in just a couple of weeks, but the other day they remembered it again – to laugh.


Internet users noticed that retailers began to reduce prices for the game. A title that recently sold for $70 can now be purchased for just $45 at Best Buy. Gamers and the media took the opportunity to recall Yves Guillemot, the head of the French publishing house, for his loud words about the AAAA status of the long-suffering ship action movie. Something clearly went wrong.

Let us remind you that Skull & Bones was released on February 13th. The pirate action movie was criticized for everything – for the lack of content, for the mechanics, for the unreasonably high cost. Ironically, after the launch of the MMO, part of the audience returned to Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, a sea adventure whose success inspired Ubisoft to produce a disastrous long-term construction.


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