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No matter how good the company’s Wi-Fi is, if installed in these directions of the house you will get useless speed.

WiFi Placement: If WiFi is not installed in the right place, it can result in slow internet speed. Today, we’ll discuss the key locations to avoid when installing WiFi in your home.

WiFi Placement: Installing a Wi-Fi router is straightforward, but positioning it correctly is crucial for optimal performance. Poor placement can lead to slow internet speeds. In this guide, we’ll highlight the locations to avoid when setting up your WiFi network.

On the Ground Floor: For multi-storey houses, aim to install WiFi on the middle floor. This ensures internet connectivity reaches both the upper and lower floors. Placing WiFi only on the ground floor limits its range to just two floors.

Avoid Placing on Stools or Tables: Many homes place the Wi-Fi router on stools or tables, affecting internet range. Instead, install the router at a higher elevation to ensure equal coverage throughout the house and maintain good internet connectivity.

In Closed Rooms: Avoid installing the WiFi router in closed rooms, as this can hinder internet connectivity throughout the house. Closed rooms may limit the range of the internet signal, resulting in poor coverage.

In Covered Locations: Installing the WiFi router in covered areas can also disrupt WiFi coverage. It’s best to avoid placing the router in such locations to ensure optimal WiFi performance throughout the house.


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