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No arbitrary companies, Tablet or Smartphone will get USB Type C charger with everyone

USB Type-C: Very soon you will not have to use different chargers for tablet and smart phone charging, but using the same charger will allow both of you to charge devices well.

USB Type-C Charging Port: In all countries of the world, including India, the issue of having a charging port in every device is getting bigger. Actually you have to use a different type of charger to charge every device. In a smartphone, you are given a micro USB, then a USB Type C charger in a device, but now mobile companies will not do it and now type C charging port in the tablet including smartphone Will only offer, so that you will get the facility to charge both devices due to the same charger.

Consumer Affairs Ministry reported on Wednesday ( 16 November ) that smartphone companies and industry organizations have prepared to phase out the uniform charging port ( USB Type C) is. According to information, USB Type C charging port can be offered only in wearables ( Bluetooth earbuds, headphones ). In the ministry meeting with smartphone companies, industry body, a decision has been taken about this which will be benefited by direct customers.

Users will get rid of big problem 

Let me tell you that using the same type of charger for all devices will relieve users from the mess of having multiple chargers. Actually, users who have more devices like smartphones, Bluetooth earbuds, Bluetooth headphones or tablets including Powerbank, They also have to keep a charger with them to charge these devices and not a single charger can be used in another device. In this case, users have a lot of problem. Keeping this in mind, the smartphone makers have been forced to follow this new rule. This will definitely provide relief to customers.

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