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Nitin Gadkari’s big statement on fire in electric scooters, strict action can be taken against the culprits!

New Delhi.
Nitin Gadkari On Electric Scooters Fire Cars:
Along with automobile companies, the government is also engaged in trying to make electric vehicles a mainstream mode of transport in India and a lot of efforts are also being made in this regard. But the way in which the incident of fire in electric scooters has come to the fore in the past, due to which people have become a little scared. Now Union Road and Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari has given a big statement on the recent electric scooter fire incidents. Nitin Gadkari has expressed concern in a series of tweets and has given a stern warning to EV companies. He said that whoever are the defaulting EV companies, along with fines, big action can be taken.

Gadkari gets tough on EV companies
Union Minister Nitin Gadkari tweeted on Thursday, ‘During the last two months, there have been many incidents of fire in electric two-wheelers, in which there have been reports of people getting injured as well as death. This is sad. We have formed an expert committee, which will examine the issue and inform us about the things related to its improvement. Based on the report of the committee, we will issue necessary orders to the defaulting companies. Along with this, in the coming time, we will also issue quality guidelines for electric vehicles. If a company is found guilty in the investigation, it will face heavy fines and orders will be given to recall all defective products. Any company which is not able to stand up to the quality, can immediately recall its defective batch.

Incidents of fire in electric scooters are happening continuously.

Okinawa and Pure EV recall electric scooters
It is clear from the recent statement of Nitin Gadkari that strict action can be taken against the companies which are found guilty, so that the example will be set for the rest. Let us tell you that the first incident of fire in Ola electric scooter came to light. After that, electric scooters of Okinawa and Pure Company also caught fire. In Telangana this week, an elderly man was killed and two people were injured after the battery of Pure EV Company’s electric scooter exploded. Recently, Okinawa and Pure EV companies have recalled thousands of units of their electric scooters to be repaired.

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