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Nissan has secretly prepared this powerful SUV, details of features along with the photo have been revealed; Know its specialty

Nissan unveiled its new Kicks at the 2024 New York Motor Show, presenting a larger appearance compared to its predecessor. Notably, a subtle variance can also be observed in the Mitsubishi X-Force SUV. Alongside Indonesia, the Kicks is available in various other markets.

Previously, the outgoing Kicks SUV comprised two different versions tailored to specific markets, with relatively similar exteriors. The first version, based on the B0 platform, was shared with Renault and Nissan SUVs like the Duster and Captur in India. Conversely, the second version, built on the V platform, targeted markets such as North America, the ASEAN region, and others.

The latest generation of the Kicks is now manufactured on a unified platform for all markets, utilizing Mitsubishi’s ASEAN market Xforce SUV platform. It shares core components including body panels, interior elements, and mechanical components. While Nissan has yet to disclose the specific platform underpinning the Kicks, it’s evident that the model draws inspiration from various vehicles including the Xpander and Nissan Livinia MPVs in Indonesia. The Kicks is poised to enter left-hand drive markets worldwide, serving as Nissan’s entry-level SUV in North America and elsewhere.

Regarding the new Nissan Kicks, it shares certain stylish body panels with the Xforce SUV, such as doors and roof design, along with a Smart Coupe-inspired glasshouse and a tapered roofline. Notably, it features robust wheel arches with matte black body cladding, and the top variant boasts striking 19-inch alloy wheels reminiscent of a concept car. The front grille is adorned with integrated horizontal LEDs, while the rear showcases unit-shaped LED taillamps with a black trim.

Internally, Nissan promises a more upscale experience with the new Kicks, boasting a sizable 12.3-inch infotainment screen at the center. The dashboard adopts a double-layered design akin to the Xforce and incorporates touch-sensitive HVAC controls, four USB-C ports, a wireless charging pad, and wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. Additionally, the new Kicks features a panoramic sunroof, absent in the Mitsubishi Xforce, and select variants offer headrest-mounted BOSE speakers. For enhanced safety, it is equipped with Nissan Safety Shield 360 ADAS suite, including standard intelligent cruise control.


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