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Nissan and Toyota begin their journey in the Metaverse

Japanese automobile companies Nissan and Toyota have made their debut in the metaverse. These companies plan to attract their customers with a realistic video experience. This will also increase Japan’s dominance in the metaverse. Nissan and Toyota are gearing up to engage their audiences with a variety of virtual events.

These companies will also work on starting and expanding their showrooms and customer service offices digitally. This was announced by Nissan and Toyota last week. Toyota has introduced a virtual workplace in which its team members can be seen in a digital version. The company has assigned this metaverse office to its technical development and human resource teams. Toyota spokesperson said”With many people working from home due to the coronavirus, we are providing young employees and others with in-company communication options.”

Nissan has launched a virtual reality (VR) version of its Nissan Crossing gallery in the Metaverse. For this, the platform of US-based startup VRChat is being used. The actual location of this gallery created in the Metaverse is in the Ginza District of Tokyo. The new Ariya Electric Vehicle can be seen in the VR area. There are plans to hold vehicle launches and other events at this showroom later.

Several food brands have applied for trademarks associated with Metaverse in recent months. These include McDonald’s. McDonald’s plans a virtual restaurant launch which will include real and virtual goods. It will also have home delivery food items. A similar trademark has been submitted by bakery and cafe chain Panera Bread for its foray into the metaworks. JP Morgan, one of the global banks, has launched a lounge in the blockchain-based virtual world ‘Decentraland’. JPMorgan has also released a paper. It explains how businesses can find opportunities in the metaverse. JP Morgan’s Onyx Lounge- ‘Metajuku’ resides in the mall. It is a virtual version of Tokyo’s Harajuku Shopping District.

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