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NIO unveils world’s first 900-volt mass-produced electric drive system

Chinese electric car manufacturer NIO has announced the production of the first version of its 900-volt electric drive system (EDS), named Thunder, which will be utilized in the forthcoming flagship model, NIO ET9.

According to the manufacturer, the electric motors integrated into the Thunder EDS for the front and rear axles are 30% lighter, with their longitudinal size reduced by 280 mm. This not only increases the available space in the vehicle interior but also reduces energy consumption due to the overall vehicle’s lighter weight.

Nio 900v thunder eds

The Thunder EDS employs a 1200V silicon carbide power module boasting a power density of 1315kW/L and capable of enduring over 300,000 duty cycles. Additionally, a new liquid cooling system has been implemented, enhancing the engine’s operational time at peak power by 30%.

Nio et9

NIO claims that the ET9 utilizes the world’s first 925V W-Pin permanent magnet synchronous motor, delivering a maximum power output of 340kW while weighing only 79 kg, resulting in a specific power of 4.3 kW/kg. The front axle is equipped with an asynchronous motor boasting a peak power of 180 kW and a specific power of 2.6 kW/kg, the highest among asynchronous electric motors.

Nio et9

The NIO ET9, featuring the new electric motor, is slated to hit the market in the first quarter of 2025, with an estimated price of 800,000 yuan, equivalent to approximately $110,000. Notably, one of the electric car’s distinctive features will be its ability to shake off snow.


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