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Nintendo won’t raise Switch prices for now, but may do so in the future

Earlier this year, Sony did something it’s never done before: hiked the prices of its current PlayStation consoles. As it became known, Nintendo will not do this yet, but does not deny such a possibility in the future.

Nintendo was asked about a possible price increase for the Switch. The Japanese company responded that it will not raise the price of its console for now, but will continue to monitor the market situation and will carefully consider whether they need to accept such an option.

The Switch price hike would be even more unique than the PS5, as Sony’s console has been on the market for two years, and the Switch came out over five years ago, and there’s already a new generation rumor on the web. On the other hand, the market is now going through hard times, inflation is growing, so price increases may well take place even though no one has ever done anything like this before.

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